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Christian Stoneman is a sales director and salesperson specializing in reputation, brand, and crisis management.

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Christian Stoneman is an accomplished sales director and salesperson with reputation management, crisis management, and brand development expertise. With a track record of success in leading teams and driving business growth, Stoneman has made significant contributions to various companies throughout his career. Currently residing in Lyn, Ontario, Canada, he holds the position of vice president of sales at NetReputation.com, a renowned and highly regarded reputation management firm. Since assuming his role in January 2023, Stoneman has spearheaded the sales team at NetReputation. His primary focus is on devising and implementing effective strategies to maximize sales for the company. NetReputation offers a wide range of services, including online reputation management, crisis management, and content removal, catering to clients from diverse industries such as legal, construction, retail, senior living, automotive, healthcare, and cryptocurrency. The exceptional quality of their services has garnered accolades from respected sources like Newsweek.com and NeilPatel.com, who have consistently named NetReputation the best global online reputation management company for two consecutive years. Stoneman finds great satisfaction in working with the NetReputation team, as they all share a common dedication to assisting others. He takes pride in being associated with a company that offers comprehensive solutions and utilizes cutting-edge reputation management tools while adhering to ethical business practices.

Before his current position, Stoneman was the sales director at Erase.com, a company specializing in removing negative online information. During his six-year tenure, he successfully implemented a sales training program that set new performance goals and development targets. Additionally, he introduced three new sales roles to enhance the company's sales structure. Before his time at Erase.com, Stoneman worked as a reputation consultant for two years, providing valuable guidance to individuals and businesses seeking to manage their online presence effectively. Stoneman's diverse professional background includes serving as a regional personal training director for World Gym Tri-City, where he played a crucial role in expanding the company's personal training clientele. Furthermore, he gained valuable entrepreneurial experience through owning a supplement and nutrition store. Additionally, he worked as an account manager for a nutritional food company and excelled as a sales representative. Christian Stoneman's remarkable career trajectory and ability to deliver exceptional results in the field of reputation management make him a highly sought-after sales professional. With his leadership, strategic insight, and commitment to excellence, Stoneman continues to make significant contributions to the growth and success of NetReputation.com.

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June 21, 2023

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June 14, 2023

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June 7, 2023

Best Practices for Preventing a PR Crisis and Protecting Your Brand Online

Maintaining a positive brand image online is crucial in today’s digital landscape. As a business, your reputation is everything, and a PR crisis can significantly impact audience perception, and even your bottom line. The consequences can be far-reaching, whether it’s a social media mishap, a negative customer experience that has gone viral, or a public […]

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